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In his short life of 23 years, Jeston touched the hearts of so many people in our Nevada and Texas communities in which we lived.  He will be remembered by that “great white smile”, the love of his family and friends …. a kind personality that touched so many people.  He was born a football player but really enjoyed sports of all kinds.  He was known for his exceptional athleticism, knowledge of the game, and genuine love of the game …. oh, that competitive spirit!  A kid, a student, an athlete – he came into his own as #3 playing for the Elko Indians, an Elko HS graduate, and that entrepreneurial spirit.

He was always caring and concerned for those less fortunate and had a willingness to help others, which was ultimately demonstrated through his donation of life to five others.

"When you are willing to make sacrifices and help others, you will never be alone"

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Next Steps

Become registered as an organ donor, donate to Pray for Life (a non-profit organization),
and inspire future generations of organ donations.
Through your involvement you’ll be encouraging the living to organ giving and the “Gift of Living”.


Mission Of Pray For Life Foundation

  • Supports organ transplant awareness and registration, donor / recipient families in distress, and R&D surrounding organ donation.
  • Provide temporary living for donor / recipient families in close proximity to the OPO (Organ Procurement Organizations) and Hospital Facilities.
  • Envisage opportunities / alliances with OPOs promoting organ donor family professional and spiritual grief counselling.
  • Provide annual scholarships to athletic students through Jeston R. Pray Memorial Scholarship of EHS , ELKO, NV (Established May, 2017).
  • Work with the hospital(s) and transplant organizations to improve the organ donor process in support of the families in distress.
  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.