Lexi Baum

Lexi Baum Thanks to the amazing generosity of so many individuals and businesses, the scholarship fund is growing at impressive levels each year! A pinnacle annual event, the Jeston Pray

LA Train The importance of the Pray for Life Foundation mission is reinforced through the story of LA and Rona Train.  Celebrating his 80th birthday and the 30th anniversary of

Ryan Wickersham I’ve had a great year at Boise State University. I’ve worked hard, maintained straight A’s, and adjusted to life on campus. The Jeston Pray scholarship helped me adjust

Lauryn Drake Receiving the Jeston Pray memorial scholarship was special to me because it not only helped cover the costs of continuing my education, but also helps to continue the

Dennis   Dear Jeston,There was no way in the world that I would ever have been lucky enough to have crossed paths with you. Elko, Nevada being your home and