Scholarships, Counselling and Family Support

Mission Of Pray For Life Foundation

  • Supports organ transplant awareness and registration, donor / recipient families in distress, and R&D surrounding organ donation.
  • Provide temporary living for donor / recipient families in close proximity to the OPO (Organ Procurement Organizations) and Hospital Facilities.
  • Envisage opportunities / alliances with OPOs promoting organ donor family professional and spiritual grief counselling.
  • Provide annual scholarships to athletic students through Jeston R. Pray Memorial Scholarship of EHS , ELKO, NV (Established May, 2017).
  • Work with the hospital(s) and transplant organizations to improve the organ donor process in support of the families in distress.
  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.
In 2017, Jeston's Legacy gave $3,000 in EHS Grants
In 2018, Jeston's Legacy gave $3,000 in EHS Grants
In 2019, Jeston's Legacy gave $4,500 in EHS Grants
In 2020, Pray for Life gave $6,000 in EHS Grants
Pray for Life - Jeston's Legacy supplied COVID-19 relief of $3,800
Care kits
Pray for Life - Jeston's Legacy supplied Comfort Care-Kits of $2,000
STA Facility & Capital Build-Campaign = $10,000

EHS Sports Scholarship Applicant

“Jes. My first role model, I will never forget sitting in the bleachers and looking over Warrior Field and seeing #3 and dreaming of the day that I to would be able to be playing in a maroon and white jersey, looking up to my support system, the biggest in the stands. But never would I have imagined by the time my senior year rolled around Jes would not be a part of that support system… physically at least.”~ Lexi Baum ~

EHS Sports Scholarship Applicant

“My passion is children.  Jes and I shared our love for TB the kid who has the most love in my heart, and I am determined to help every kid as if they were my little cousin changing the world, helping the world kid by kid.”

~ Lexi Baum ~

Pray for Life provides comfort kits to families in distress!

Southwest Transplant Alliance Foundation, a non-profit OPO, of the north Dallas area.

These comfort-kits are now being distributed to families experiencing the tremendous grief of a loved one who’s been identified as an organ donor, “Heaven’s Silent Angels”, and where a families loved one, an organ donor, is nearing the end of their life-long journey destined to providing the “Gift of Living”.

STA continues requesting more of these Pray for Life comfort-kits for those families in need.

“Phil Berry (transplant survivor) Annual Golf Fund Raiser” organized by Out Live Yourself and sponsored by Pray for Life – Jeston’s Legacy

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Pray For Life Application

    I/We request consideration from Pray For Life; Jeston’s Legacy, a financial grant for the purposes herein described, while truthfully providing the following information.

    Bill Payee Information (Pray For Life will pay the approved Legacy Gift grant amount directly to the bill payee, on behalf of the applicant). Please provide the following bill payee information.

    Jeston R. Pray Memorial Sports Scholarship

      A. The Purpose of the Scholarship
      The Jeston R. Pray Memorial Sports Scholarship Fund has been established in memory of Jeston by his family, friends, and many supporters within the community. In his short life of 23 years, Jes touched the hearts of so many people in our Elko and Frisco, TX communities. He will be remembered by that “great white smile”, the love of his nephew, and his humble….kind personality that touched so many people. He was born a football player but enjoyed baseball, basketball, golf, a good game of chess, and sports of all kinds. He was known for his exceptional athleticism, knowledge of the game, competitive spirit, and just a genuine true love for any game. A kid, a student, an athlete – he came into his own as #3 playing for the Elko Indians, an Elko HS graduate with a great work ethic, and that entrepreneurial spirit. He was always caring and concerned for those less fortunate and had a willingness to help others, which was ultimately demonstrated through his donation of life to five others.
      B. Qualifications & Details for the Scholarship
      The scholarship will be given to a deserving Elko High School senior who best demonstrates the following qualities:
      1. Multi-sport athlete or trainer/manager carrying 3.0 GPA.
      2. The recipient must be active in school and community. Characteristics of strong ethics, integrity, hard work, leadership, dedication, and commitment to Elko HS and the community shall be demonstrated. This scholarship will recognize the student who best reflects these characteristics without regard to personal recognition.
      3. The recipient must attend an accredited 2 or 4 year college or vocational school.
      4. Submit a one (1) page essay listing school and community involvement, as well as why you are deserving of this scholarship. Provide the sport you most excelled at during your time at Elko HS. Reflect on how your actions/associations have made an impact on those around you and/or your community. Please describe your educational goals and how this scholarship will help you accomplish your life’s passion.
      5. The total value of the scholarship will be $500 - $1000.00 (non-renewable), and will be made in two equal installments based on curriculum and verification of enrollment.
      6. Financial need and recipient of other scholarships may be considered.
      7. Five finalists will be selected by a scholarship committee.
      8. The Pray family will make the final selection in honor of Jeston R. Pray.
      9. Return the application to the Guidance Office by April, 15th for processing


      Phone Number:



      Mother’s Name:
      Mother’s Employer:

      Father’s Name:
      Father’s Employer:


      Guardian’s Name:
      Guardian’s Employer:

      Intended major:

      Name and location of college or university you plan to attend:

      High School GPA:

      ACT or SAT Score:

      Please list any scholarships or financial aid and amounts you will be receiving for college:


      Documents to be submitted with application:

      1. Provide Two (2) Letters of Recommendation.


      2. Submit a one-page word essay.



      Gift Card Campaign

      During the early days of COVID-19 we wanted to recognize those who would put their lives and health at risk through their line of work.  We went out into the community both in Elko, NV and Dallas, TX and gave out gift cards to those preforming their jobs during this scary time.